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We use both dustless blasting and dry sandblasting technology. The appropriate method selected based on the task to be done. Most of the cases dustless blasting will be the one.



Dustless blasting works by mixing abrasive and water inside the tank, dry sandblasting works only with abrasives which are mostly sand. Both of them are supported by an air compressor with really high pressure. The abrasives could be sand, coal slag, sand.....



During out activities we always consider the interests of our clients. In case of an urgent order we are ready to work even at weekends or in abroad (Slovakia, Austria).


Benefits of dustless blasting

  • Faster
  • Dustless or minmimal dust
  • Cheaper as the consumption of abrasives are lower
  • Wider range of usage as e.g. no warping in case of thin metal parts

About us

We are a professional sandblasting company. We use both dustless blasting and normal sandblasting technology. Metal, wood, concrete, brick... surfaces cleaning before painting or restoration.




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