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Fully equipped ready to work
Wine cellar
Work in our site

Hourly rate in our facility


60 € + VAT

Hourly rate in your place


60 € + VAT

Km allowance


0,6 € / km's

Preliminary evaluation


30 € + VAT + travel / occasion

Hourly rate is 75 € in case of processing ceiling or the work is to be done heigher than 3 m's


You can expect the followings in case of give an order to us:

  • Professional work, experience
  • Flexibility
  • Frendly communication
  • Customer orientation
  • Correct pricing
  • Full reliability



The prices above are only for reference. We give price quotation for every request.

Hourly fee of preliminary evaluation will be credited in case of order (travel cost cannot be credited)

Invoicing units : 30 mins for work and 10 km's for travel.


About us

We are a professional sandblasting company. We use both dustless blasting and normal sandblasting technology. Metal, wood, concrete, brick... surfaces cleaning before painting or restoration.




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+36 70 940 0442